Eva Ng

Senior Director of Finance and Administration
Originally from Hong Kong, Eva (she/her) first encountered MIRA through its cheerful representatives at Faneuil Hall who registered her to vote as she emerged from her Naturalization ceremony. She was previously the Finance Director of WorldTeach and the Grants & Finance Officer for Project Citizenship, both are nonprofits.
Prior to the nonprofits, she was a Research Officer at the Economics Department at Harvard University. Her former career included years of research in Infectious Disease in Boston (MGH), Seattle (Biotech), and in Germany (Universität Würzburg/Institut Pasteur) . She received her A.B.in Biology at Harvard University, and her doctorate in Microbiology at the Universität Würzburg.
Eva has little use for cynicism and would love for everyone to have the chance to understand and experience the joy and power of diversity, including appreciating non-human lifeforms of all sizes on earth.