Support a Massachusetts Immigration Agenda!

With the launch of a new, pro-immigrant state administration and a new legislative session, the MIRA Coalition is proud to partner with allies both in and out of the State House to usher in the next phase of immigrant rights and inclusion. Contact your legislator today and ask them to co-sponsor these bills!


Language Access and Inclusion Act

S.1990 (DiDomenico) and H.3084 (Madaro, González) would ensure that state agencies meet the needs of our Commonwealth’s increasingly diverse population by providing public information and services in the primary languages of its limited English-proficient state residents.


Upstream RAFT Act

S.856 (Crighton) and H.1312 (Decker) would protect all low-income state residents from eviction or foreclosure by codifying and streamlining access to DHCD’s homelessness prevention program, Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT), and restoring critical COVID-era protections.


Safe Communities Act

S.1510 (Eldridge, Miranda) and H.2288 (Balser, Cruz). For nearly 20 years, the federal government has leveraged our public safety resources to identify and deport immigrants. This bill would end state and local involvement in civil immigration enforcement, increasing immigrant access to court and police protection. 


Tuition Equity Act

S.817 (Crighton, Miranda) and  H.1281 (M. Moran, Madaro) would ensure that all MA high school graduates have access to in-state tuition at our Commonwealth’s public colleges and universities, regardless of immigration status, as 23 other states and D.C. provide. The Senate bill would also extend eligibility for state financial aid.


Cover All Kids Act

S.740 (DiDomenico) and H.1237 (D. Rogers), would expand comprehensive MassHealth coverage to children and young adults whose only barrier to eligibility is their immigration status.


*NEW* Physician Pathway Act

(An Act Improving Healthcare Delivery for Underserved Residents of the Commonwealth), S.1402 (Lewis) and H.2224 (Lewis, Domb) would marshall the skills of seasoned, internationally-trained physicians to address acute physician shortages in Massachusetts by creating a streamlined pathway to full licensure.