IMPORTANT UPDATE (Feb. 22, 2021): Immigration is once again using the old (2008) version of the civics test. If your citizenship application is received between December 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021, you will be able to choose between the 2008 and the 2020 version of the test. If your application was received before December 1, 2020 or on or after March 1, 2021 then you will be taking the 2008 version of the test.

Want us to help you with your citizenship application? We are not in the office, but MIRA is still providing free application assistance by phone, video conferencing and email. To get started, call 617-350-5480, ext. 200 and leave a message (we will call you back!). You can also email

Citizenship Fee Update: The citizenship fee changes scheduled to take effect on October 2nd, 2020 have been blocked by the courts. The fee continues to be $725 and fee waivers continue to be available for those who cannot afford the cost. However, the fees could increase at any time so contact us now if you think you’re eligible.

Here’s what you can expect:

We’ll guide you through the naturalization form, step by step, including a waiver for the federal fees if you qualify. We will also help you gather any documents you will need.

These are the steps to help you apply for citizenship:

  1. A team member will call you and make sure you can apply.
  2. You will be scheduled for an application assistance appointment.
  3. Another team member will review the final application with you to make sure the application is correct.

We will keep a copy of your documents in our office, and receive U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) notices about your citizenship appointments so we can inform you when you are scheduled for an appointment with immigration. Learn more about what to expect after your application is submitted!

If you have any additional questions, please contact

We look forward to assisting you!

We are grateful to our partners the Ali Family Fund for Naturalization, the state Citizenship for New Americans Program, and Project Citizenship for making this work possible!