NHAIR at immigrant solidarity march
NHAIR members with fellow participants in an Immigrant Solidarity Walk from Concord to the ICE detention center in Dover in 2019.

The New Hampshire Alliance of Immigrants and Refugees (NHAIR) is dedicated to organizing and engaging immigrants and refugees as voters and leaders.

NHAIR grew out of a 2007 gathering of New Hampshire immigrant leaders to discuss issues impacting the rapidly growing immigrant and refugee community. Since then, it has worked successfully to defeat anti-immigrant legislation, built capacity within the community, and advocated for public policies that protect the civil and human rights of all New Hampshire residents.

NHAIR works to build power and leadership within immigrant communities, especially those with low incomes; works closely with the labor and faith-based allies; provides trainings and presentations on immigration policy and immigrant rights; and leads campaigns to protect the rights of immigrants and refugees.

NHAIR’s Welcoming New Hampshire program, launched in 2012, works to support immigrant integration, fostering statewide and cross-sector dialogue and collaboration to build a more inclusive New Hampshire where all people can thrive.

NHAIR is led by Eva Castillo, a Venezuelan immigrant based in Manchester and a veteran community organizer.


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