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MIRA Responds to Presidential Determination on Historically Low Refugee Admissions Number

BOSTON – Eva Millona, President and CEO of the MIRA Coalition, today issued the following statement in response to the Presidential Determination setting the U.S. refugee resettlement number to just 15,000 for 2021, a historic low.

“This administration has launched relentless attacks against the U.S. Refugee Settlement Program for the past four years – and this is its lowest point yet. This cruel decision will have drastic consequences for the millions of people across the world who are forcibly displaced, will bruise the United States’ standing on the world stage, and will also severely impact resettlement agencies, including those here in Massachusetts, that will have to scramble to make up for their drop in caseloads. Congress must act to reverse this betrayal and ensure that the United States remains a welcoming, safe harbor for those seeking refuge.”