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MIRA Members and Partners: There’s Still Time for Newly Naturalized Citizens to Register to Vote

Individuals who were naturalized in MA after October 24, 2020 can register to vote until November 2, 2020

BOSTON – Today, MIRA is standing with members and partners – Common Cause, the Massachusetts Voter Table, the Chinese Progressive Association and the Berkshire Immigrant Center – to issue an important notice to newly naturalized citizens in Massachusetts that they may still be eligible to register to vote in the 2020 election. The Massachusetts voter registration deadline was October 24, 2020, but under Section 50 of Chapter 51 of the Massachusetts General Laws, individuals who were naturalized after October 24th can still register to vote until November 2, 2020 at 4 pm.

“One of the greatest privileges of becoming a naturalized citizen is the United States is exercising your right to vote, but many individuals are not aware that they are still eligible to register even if they were naturalized after the voter registration deadline,” said Eva Millona, President and CEO of the MIRA Coalition. “MIRA members and partners want to ensure that every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot, so we encourage newly naturalized citizens to register to vote immediately to ensure that their voices are heard.”

“It is unfortunate that some new citizens in Massachusetts were told inaccurate information about their right to vote,” said Pam Wilmot, Common Cause Vice President of State Operations. “Voting is a right and a duty for all citizens and the newly naturalized are no exception. We urge all citizens to register and vote, particularly those who were naturalized since October 24th who were given incorrect information.”

“Every new citizen deserves to be heard and counted in this election,” said Beth Huang, Director of the Massachusetts Voter Table, a coalition of community organizations focused on increasing voter participation in the 2020 election. “We’re working with trusted community organizations this election season to affirm the right of new citizens to cast their ballots, by mail, early, or on Election Day.”

“November 3rd is possibly one of the most important elections in our lifetime,” said Karen Y. Chen, Executive Director of the Chinese Progressive Association, a member of API CANs. “Voting is fundamental to our democracy. It’s important every person eligible to vote can register to vote and that every vote is counted.”

“The Berkshire Immigrant Center is honored to have helped so many new US citizens reach their goal of naturalization! They are ready to exercise their civic muscle and be heard in this presidential election,” said Michelle Lopez, Executive Director of the Berkshire Immigrant Center. “All newly naturalized citizens in Massachusetts should know that they still have time to register to vote before the November 3rd election and they should do so quickly to make sure they can exercise this fundamental right.”

Any individual who was naturalized after October 24th who wants to register to vote should go to their Town Clerk’s office to register in-person before 4 pm on November 2nd. They should bring their original naturalization certificate as proof of their naturalization date. Information about Town Clerks can be found here.

The organizations are asking public officials, the media and the public to assist in spreading this essential information to ensure that newly naturalized citizens are aware of their rights.