About Us: Members

MIRA is the largest coalition in New England promoting the rights and integration of immigrants and refugees. We are a diverse, multi-ethnic, member-driven coalition with 130+ members, including community organizations, refugee resettlement agencies, providers of social, legal and health services, faith-based organizations and civil and human rights advocates. Together, we mobilize immigrants and refugees to advocate for themselves, amplify and support their voices, and connect them with allies and policy-makers.

Explore the map below or view a complete list of MIRA member organizations. You can also learn more about organizational membership or renew your membership today.

MIRA also welcomes individual Members, whose donations of $25+ per month (or $300+ per year) provide a crucial foundation for our fundraising and with whom we maintain a particularly close relationship year-round, as well as Sustainers (monthly recurring donors < $25). To become an individual Member or Sustainer, just donate on this page! If you already have a qualifying donation, you will be registered retroactively.

Become a MIRA member!

MIRA’s 130+ organizational members are the heart and soul of our coalition. This page focuses on organizational membership, which involves a close collaborative relationship and a range of benefits. Individuals can also forge a closer relationship with MIRA by becoming individual Members (donors of $25+ per month or $300+ per year) or Sustainers (monthly donors < $25). To become an individual Member or Sustainer, just donate on this page!

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MIRA member organizations

MIRA is powered by our 130+ members, including ethnic organizations, advocacy groups, social service agencies, schools, refugee resettlement agencies, health centers, faith institutions, unions and legal services providers, among others. We connect, inform and empower our members and the communities they serve, uniting them behind common causes and helping them to effect change.

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