Congratulations to our first cohort of the New American Changemakers Program! Get to know our graduates below and what they gained from the program.

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As a new U.S. citizen, Helen is happy to be able to vote in the next election. She decided to participate in this program to learn more about MIRA, to learn more about her community, and to have awareness about her duties and rights in this country. Helen is also looking forward to participating more in her community.

Libby joined the program to learn more about the U.S. and to learn more about her community. She enjoys finding opportunities to study and opportunities to volunteer.

Since becoming a citizen, Michael has had better job opportunities. Michael joined this program in order to get more information about community participation as a U.S. citizen and to get involved in the voting process.

When asked why she became a citizen, Chima said it was something her father wanted her to accomplish one day. As a naturalized citizen, Chima described it as a mindset change, where she no longer has to be cognizant of her immigration status and can check off citizen on forms with ease. Chima decided to participate in this program because she works as a case manager and as a concerned citizen, she would like to learn more about becoming politically active.

Olruch decided to participate in this program to learn more about his civic rights in this country. With more knowledge around civic engagement, Olruch wishes to help his community in the U.S.

Regine appreciates becoming a citizen because it has given her an opportunity to vote. Regine is already actively involved in civic engagement but joined this program to learn additional ways she can help and support her community. She enjoys teaching and bringing happiness to children by reading them stories.

Sussan has expressed appreciation for MIRA helping her become a U.S. citizen. Since becoming a citizen, she is happy she is able to vote. She chose to participate in this program to learn how to help her community.

Zahra is more confident now as a naturalized citizen. Zahra’s reason for joining the program is to learn more about U.S. political parties and the election process.