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MIRA joins non-profits and officials at signing of strong bill protecting victims and prosecuting abusers

11/21/2011 BOSTON -- After signing Massachusetts' anti-human trafficking bill into law today in his office at the State House, Governor Deval Patrick said, "it has been a long time trying to pass a more modern, more focused, more effective law to deal with a devastating issue that effects all corners of the Commonwealth."

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11/7/2011 BOSTON — "Un-American, un-practical and un-godly," was how the Reverend Hurmon Hamilton, President of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, characterized the attacks on immigrants that have occurred in Milford over the past few months, a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment that some lawmakers have exploited to propose "An Act to Enhance Community Safety," a sweeping set of anti-immigrant crackdowns today introduced to the judiciary committee on Beacon Hill.

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10/21/2011 BOSTON "This is an important step forward not only for the immigrant community but for the WHOLE community," Governor Deval Patrick said this afternoon before a room  packed with press, philanthropists, and non-profit leaders, who gathered at the the Boston Foundation to launch the privately funded New Americans Integration Institute and for the public proclamation of Immigrant Entrepreneurship Month.

The two announcements were tied together by a common theme--the importance of supporting the central role of immigrants to the economic and cultural richness of the Commonwealth and the nation.

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Bill proposed today attacks innocent students and powerless families

Monday, September 26, 2011. BOSTON —Immigrants, advocates and concerned citizens across the state today condemned a new bill introduced at a noon press conference that could potentially invite racial profiling and punish innocent students and powerless families. The bill was introduced after local media exposure of some DUI incidents involving undocumented immigrant, but it largely ignores the issue of driving under the influence and instead imposes punitive measures that would establish invasive and costly procedures in numerous arenas, thus unnecessarily burdening taxpayers' wallets while encroaching upon the civil rights of all state residents.

"This bill demonstrates an over-reaction on the part of legislators that should trouble all those concerned with public safety, with efficient use of resources, and with the protection of civil liberties," said Eva Millona, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition. "MIRA encourages lawmakers to oppose its passage and instead support comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, as well as embark on a focused examination of the serious problem of drunk driving itself."

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BOSTON, MA – "This should be on the front page of every paper," said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray today at a non-profit in Lynn crammed with almost a hundred state officials, business leaders, labor organizers, community workers, and immigrants. "This is a good news story: how business working cooperatively with government is creating opportunities to realize the American Dream."

The Lieutenant Governor was speaking about the English Works Campaign, which had organized the gathering to honor 18 businesses that have partnered with government and the non-profit sector to offer their immigrant workers the chance to learn English.

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