Our Vision

Voter registration August 2017All immigrants and refugees are empowered to fully participate in their communities’ social, economic and civic life and advocate for themselves.

One in six Massachusetts residents, and one in five workers, is foreign-born. MIRA starts from the premise that immigrants and refugees are an asset to our Commonwealth. They come here with a wide range of skills and ambitions, and they strengthen our economy and our democracy. In our view, diversity is a gift, and as immigrant and refugee families feel increasingly rooted in the U.S., and our society becomes more inclusive and welcoming, all Americans will benefit.

How well and how soon immigrants and refugees can realize their economic potential depends on how well they are integrated into society. We view integration as a two-way process: Immigrants and refugees work to learn English, adapt to the local culture, and build a new life in the U.S., and receiving communities actively welcome them and help ease their transition. That means, among other things, removing barriers to access to key programs and services. Municipal and state leaders need to understand that when immigrants and refugees prosper, our economy grows and we are all better off.

Immigrant integration is at the core of our work – whether we are advocating to expand funding for English classes, advising local and state officials on “welcoming” or “trust” policies, helping journalists tell immigrant stories, guiding green card holders through the naturalization process, or registering new Americans to vote.