MIRA materials:
• What is ‘public charge’ and how will it be applied? (with table of who/what is covered)
• Key thresholds for ‘public charge’: 125% and 250% of FPL
• Who does ‘public charge’ apply to? 5 sample scenarios

Protecting Immigrant Families materials (highly recommended):
• Public charge: Does this apply to me? (updated Feb. 2020; also en español)
‘Know your rights’ info and guidance for immigrant families (updated Feb. 2020, multiple languages)
Specialized resources for service providers and advocates

PIF-MA partner materials:
COVID-19 FAQ in English, Spanish and Portuguese (PIF-MA partners together, April 2020)
Handout for immigrants in Mass. (Health Care for All, February 2020; in 13 languages)
• Webinar for service providers
(Mass. Law Reform Institute, Feb. 13, 2020)

Migration Policy Institute:
Gauging the impact of DHS’ proposed public-charge rule on U.S. immigration (Nov. 2018, but data still applicable; highly recommended)
• Children in U.S. immigrant families (pick Mass. in menu)
• English learners in Massachusetts (incl. data on families and poverty)

Manatt: Data tables on Mass. residents by income & status

Mass. school district data profiles (see selected populations tab)

U.S. Census data for Mass. (or select city/town)

Blue Cross Blue Shield study on Mass. impact

Boston impact analysis