On any given day, nearly 900 people are in immigration detention in New England, distributed in over a dozen county, state, federal and private facilities.  Still more detainees are transferred to Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and other locations where there are more beds available. View a list of detention facilities used by ICE in New England.

The "Detention Operations Manual" outlines Immigration and Customs Enforcement's standards for detention facilities. These standards are not binding, and thus their violation does not confer a cause of action in court for their redress.

  • In July, 2007, the Government Accountability Office released its report on "Alien Detention Standards."  The report found that access to the phones was a pervasive problem.  It also addressed other detainee complaints, including about access to medical care, food services, and use of force, but did not believe these problems were pervasive.
  • In December, 2006, the Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General released a report on the "Treatment of Immigration Detainees Housed at Immigration and Customs Enforcement Facilities." This report found a series of violations of the standards outlined in the Detention Operations Manual.  Read a summary and analysis.

Report abuse! Detainees and their family members can help to improve detention conditions for everyone by reporting mistreatment.