Host Site: North Shore Community Action Programs

Location: Peabody

Role: I will be teaching English language classes and American citizenship test prep classes for adults.

Where are you from? Merrimac

Why do you serve? I joined NAIP AmeriCorps to make a positive difference in the lives of immigrants. I will contribute a positive attitude and a strong sense of empathy. I volunteered at my host site for a year as an assistant English teacher before accepting this position, so I am already familiar with the site and the work. My BA is in anthropology, so I have an interest in other cultures and a firm belief that no culture or group of people is superior to any other. Through my study of anthropology and economics in college I gained some understanding of the global forces that shape all of our lives, and I want to help empower individuals who are vulnerable under our current systems.

What are you passionate about? Outside of work I enjoy spending time in nature, hiking and learning about the natural world. I also enjoy kickboxing and yoga.