Immigration decision won’t deter Boston preparation for DACA/DAPA

Appeals court refusal to lift stay is dissapointing, but will not deter city, advocates or immigrants

Mayor Marty Walsh speaking today at Faneuil Hall, flanked by Natalicia Tracy, executive director of Brazilian Immigrant Center (left), and MIRA Executive Director Eva Millona.

BOSTON, May 26, 2015 – As Boston Mayor Marty Walsh stood at Faneuil Hall today to speak in support of President Obama's executive action on immigration this afternoon, in a press conference organized by, a federal appeals court announced its decision to deny the Obama administration's request to lift a hold on those actions. But, as the mayor and his staff resolutely declared, the temporary setback changes nothing in the city's support for the President's executive actions, nor in its plans to hold a clinic on Saturday to help immigrants determine their eligibility for eventual administrative relief.

"This court case is expected to go on," said Alejandra St. Guillen, director of the Mayor's Office of New Bostonians, announcing that the city would also go on with its Saturday pre-screening clinic.

Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Mario Umana Academy in East Boston (312 Border Street, East Boston MA), immigrants will receive individual attention from trained volunteers to determine if they might qualify for the DAPA and DACA programs, which would grant work permits to families with U.S. citizen or green-card holding children, and to individuals who arrived in the U.S. before the age of 16.

"Seventy-five percent of Americans want immigration reform – not 75% of Massachusetts, not 75% of Bostonians, 75% of all Americans," said Mayor Walsh in his strong statement at Faneuil Hall. "This isn't a Republican or a Democratic issue – it goes to the bedrock of American values. It's taken too long for legislative solutions. That's why I support President Obama's immigration action."

"We are very disappointed at the court's decision delaying implementation, but not in the least bit deterred by it," said Eva Millona, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, a co-sponsor of the upcoming clinic. "We will continue to fight to uphold the right of President Obama to take executive action to provide relief for millions of men, women and children who have lived too long in the shadows. Likewise, we encourage eligible immigrants to please use this time to continue to prepare, come to Saturday's clinic for legal screening, and be ready to file when the time for implementation finally comes."

To pre-register for Saturday's clinic, please call 617-635-4141.