Advocates Deplore President Obama's Delay on Immigration Action

MIRA: President Obama's decision to delay executive action breaks promise and hurts America

September 6, 2014 BOSTON — Immigrant advocates in Massachusetts today joined a chorus of voices from across the nation criticizing President Obama for his decision to delay taking executive action on immigration until after the midterm elections. On June 30, the President had promised to take executive action to overhaul the immigration system by the end of the summer if Congress did not act on immigration reform by then. But today, an unnamed administration spokesperson quoted in the New York Times blamed "Republicans’ extreme politicization of this issue" for the decision to delay action until after November. The Times and other news sources reported the decision was taken to alleviate the fears of Democratic Senate candidates about the political ramifications of action now.

The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition rejects that calculus. Says Executive Director Eva Millona, "We are deeply disappointed that the president has broken his promise to the immigrant community, heartbroken for the thousands of families that will be torn apart because of this delay, and distressed that the economy and our national fabric should continue to suffer from the strain of our broken immigration system. Politically, the decision is also untenable, as the President has broken his word to the fastest growing voting block in the nation. The half a million naturalized Americans in the Bay State — including the thousands of New Americans MIRA and its partners have registered to vote over the past year — will surely not forget this unconscionable delay."