Massachusetts Residents will "Stand Up for All Children" Tomorrow, August 7

March from Copley to State House will support Central American children, and all children seeking refuge from harm

August 6, 2014 BOSTON — Though the federal government is no longer seeking temporary shelter in Massachusetts for Central American children who have recently cross the border, hundreds of concerned Massachusetts residents will still gather tomorrow to express support for these children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras fleeing harm, as well as to thank Governor Patrick and the thousands of residents who have offerred help. The rally will also express support for all children in the Commonwealth who have experienced trauma, whether they have suffered unsafe conditions here or in a distant land.

As approved by the Parks Department, “Stand Up for All Children” will begin with a gathering at Copley Plaza at 5:30, followed by a march to the Boston Common from 6:00 to 7:00, ending at the foot of the State House, at the steps by the Robert Gould Shaw memorial, where public officials, faith leaders and others will address the crowd until 7:30.

Attendees will include members of major faith organizations, peace groups, human rights groups, student organizations, civil rights organizations, and immigrant advocacy groups from across Massachusetts, as well as elected officials.

“Although Governor Patrick's proposal to offer shelter for unaccompanied Central American children is not needed right now, we still need to support our moral and legal obligations to protect these children from the life-threatening violence,sexual assault, and poverty they have faced," said Cristina Aguilera, Organizing Director at MIRA. “We hope everyone who supports children-in-need can join us to show the world that our small state has a huge heart.”