Saturday, June 28, Carlos Arredondo Joins March Along Freedom Trail to End Family Separation

The March along Freedom Trail is one of many nationwide actions to close the curtain on Congress and  pivot to the President and fall elections to stop separating families

DSC_0075webJune 26, 2014 BOSTON — On Saturday, June 28, Boston Marathon Hero and lifetime human rights activist, Carlos Arredondo, will join other immigrants and their allies as they march the Freedom Trail in orange shirts and handcuffs to remind the nation of the 1,100 undocumented immigrants torn from their families every day by the Obama Administration's immigration enforcement regime.The action comes after the Republican-controlled House of Representatives failed to face up to its duty and their leadership's promises, ending the House session this week without any action on the immigration crisis.

"Congress did not act, so we must act to change Congress with our vote, and to move President Obama to take executive action to stop these deportations until fair and just immigration reform is enacted," said Patricia Sobalvarro, Executive Director of Agencia ALPHA.

"The unaccompanied migrant children from Central America who are crossing the U.S border in record numbers would not be coming if Congress had fixed the broken immigration system and created hope of legal entry," said Maria Lorena, member of Revere Immigrants Support for Education (RISE). "And the crisis shows one more side of the inhumanity of our current immigration enforcement policies, which ceaselessly return productive members of our society to the life-threatening poverty and violence from which these children fled."

"We will be marching to push the President to use his existing authority to address both the humanitarian crisis of the current migrant children situation, as well as the domestic, moral crisis that is keeping 11 million aspiring Americans in the shadows," said Cristina Aguilera, Organizing Director of the MIRA Coalition. "Our prisoner's chains will remind voters of the plight faced daily by their neighbors, by their  church members, by the people who serve them food or clean their houses. They should remember where their elected representatives stand on this moral crisis come Election Day on November 4. And that's why MIRA and other members of the Keeping Families Together campaign will follow this day of unity with civic engagement work that will register hundreds of new Americans to vote."

"We're marching for freedom for our parents, freedom for DREAMers, to stop innocent people being detained and deported," continued Aguilera. "We march to change not only Federal policy, but to show the representatives and senators at the State House who just voted down the Safe Driving Bill and the others who are considering the Trust Act to limit Secure Communities how unjust the current system is, and how we're punishing all of us by not working together for the freedom that this trail memorializes."