Temp Workers "Ride to Know" Across Mass 1/31


Tour stops in Lawrence, New Bedford, Chelsea & Lynn to promote new legislation against temporary-worker exploitation

This Thursday, activists will mobilize to promote that Massachusetts will become the second state in the nation to ensure that low-wage temp workers are provided with critical written employment information to prevent labor abuses

On January 31, temp workers, labor, and community supporters will be shining a spotlight on new law to end abuses of the state’s most vulnerable workforce: temp workers. Dubbed the “Temp Workers Ride to Know” a van-load of workers and community members are traveling throughout Massachusetts to raise awareness of the Temporary Worker’s Right to Know Law that goes into effect on the 31st. The law grants critical protections to the approximate 25,000 temporary workers who work temporary, low-wage jobs in the commonwealth and will serve as deterrent to temp agencies who seek to underpay or cheat their employees.


Thursday, January 31, 7am-8pm


  • 7 AM – Community Connections – 18 Broadway St, Lawrence

Join temp workers and organizers as they visit a temp agency to ensure the new law is being followed. Activists will also distribute the job order form to temp workers and educate them on their new rights.

  • 11 AM – St. James Catholic Church – 233 County St, New Bedford

Hear stories from temp workers and community supporters that shine a spotlight on need for this new law at a press conference.

  • 2 PM – The Lynn Worker Center for Economic Justice –20 Wheeler St, Lynn

Join with temp workers and allies at this community center to raise awareness at this community/press forum.

  • 6 PM – Chelsea Collaborative – 318 Broadway, Chelsea

End the ride with a program and celebration, bringing together the many community, labor and public officials who made this law possible.


  • Temp Workers
  • Jeff Webb, Chief of Massachusetts Attorney General's Fair Labor Division
  • Mirna Montano, Organizer for Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health
  • Yesenia Alfaro, Community Organizer for Chelsea Collaborative
  • Immigrant Worker Center Collaborative
  • Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores (CCT) New Bedford
  • North Shore Worker Center
  • Chinese Progressive Association
  • SEIU Local 615