Advocates organize calls against ten amendments; Senate to vote by Thursday

BOSTON — By tomorrow evening the State Senate is scheduled to vote on a series of ten amendments that target immigrants. The measures range from creating a 24-hour hotline at the Attorney General's office to report "suspected" undocumented immigrants, to mandating the use of E-Verify, to making in illegal to offer in-state tuition to undocumented students, even if they attended Massachusetts grade and high schools their entire lives.

"Once again, a small subset of Senators has hijacked the budget process to push their fear-mongering agenda, trying to earn political points by attacking some of the most powerless members of society -- hardworking immigrants," says Marcony Almeida, Director of Organizing at the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition. "Today and tomorrow we are asking our members across Massachusetts to call their representative to stop these wasteful and hateful amendments and keep the budget process focused on the budget."


"All concerned residents of Massachusetts can contact their Senator by visiting ." Almeida continued. "You can also call 617-722-2000 to reach a switchboard operator at the State House, who can help you connect you with your Senator."

The following is a summary of the ten anti-immigrant budget amendments:


Bars US citizen children from state public housing if their parents cannot prove a lawful immigration status.


Allows police to seize your car if they suspect you are undocumented, and to keep it and sell it if you are deportable


Increases penalties for using or creating false documents


  • Requires any business providing any service to the state to use E-Verify
  • Requires the state to investigate any tip relating to a violation of immigration law
  • Increases the amount of times the state must verify immigration status
  • Fine for fraudulent driving learner’s permit
  • Most benefits programs would have to document legal status
  • Bars instate for undocumented
  • Limits the receipt of all medical benefits to lawfully present residents including emergency Medicaid, Healthy Start and the Health Safety Net


Poll workers may ask for state ID from anyone before voting


Requires all health services applications to be verified via federal database


  • Creates 24 hr AG hotline to anonymously report suspected undocumented workers
  • Implement E-verify for all state contractors and vendors, and any subcontractors working with them


Requires a license or state ID to register a vehicle

increases the penalties associated with using, creating, selling, or distributing an altered or false ID


Increases penalties for driving without a license


Requires a Social Security number for ALL medical applications