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Ninth annual State House event features keynote by Boston College Law Professor Dan Kanstroom, comments by Senator Eldridge and others

T-Day2013_WEB2Nov. 26, 2013 BOSTON — "Over one in four residents of Boston is an immigrant," said Boston Mayor-Elect Marty Walsh this morning at MIRA's annual Thanksgiving Luncheon. That's why, he stressed, he had  come to the State House to speak before an audience of over 400 immigrants, legislators, and community-based organizers and advocates committed to immigrant rights and integration."Together, we can create a Boston Integration Agenda to work on citizenship initiatives, workforce development, professional re-credentialing and easing entrepreneurial ventures," Walsh said.

Followed by a bustling pack of photographers, the incoming mayor spent much of the event demonstrating his commitment to the New American demographic to which he himself belongs ("New Americans" are measured as immigrants plus the children of immigrants). Mr. Walsh took time before the event to stand with MIRA employees and volunteers to serve guests a turkey dinner with all the fixings. Aside from declaring his support for a Boston Integration Agenda, Mr. Walsh also mentioned his support for Citizenship program funding and In-State Tuition and Drivers License bills, and his opposition to the imposition of the "Secure                                                                                      Communities" immigration enforcement program.

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Award ceremonies include dinner with Congressman Luis GutierrezIMG_2495

Dec. 4, 2013 WASHINGTON – The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) announced today that the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA)

is receiving one of four 2013 E Pluribus Unum Prizes, given this year to four organizations from across the nation for exceptional immigrant integration initiatives.The national award honors MIRA’s New Americans Integration Institute for its work to help newcomers contribute more fully to the economic, civic and social fabric of the United States.                                      

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"Tuition Equity Bill" would equalize in-state tuition rates for all graduates of Massachusetts high-schools

DSC_0998-001Dec. 11, 2013 BOSTON — "I don't know what to do with you," a local high school guidance counselor told Natalia Berthet, as they were meeting some years ago to discuss her future . Coming from a guidance counselor, it was another way of telling Berthet she could see no future at all.

That is why the 25-year-old Leominster resident shared her story yesterday with the Joint Committee on Higher Education, as they met to hear public testimony on Tuition Equity Legislation introduced in the legislature by Senators Chang-Diaz and Forry and Representative Provost. For almost two hours, the joint committee attentively listened to a wide range of testimony in support of the bills from State Legislators, Heads of Administration, attorneys, business and community organizations, secondary and post-secondary educators, and young immigrants like Berthet, many of who donned black graduation caps throughout the crowded hearing room.

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Supporters laud opportunity to ensure that all Massachusetts drivers are licensed and insured

September 5, 2013 BOSTON — The Joint Transportation Committee of the State Legislature has scheduled a public hearing on Tuesday, September 10 for the Safe Driving Bill, a bill which would  allow state residents to apply for a learner's permit or driver's license regardless of their immigration status, thereby improving the lives of thousands of immigrants and increasing the safety of our state roadways for everyone.

Across the nation, legislation of this type has gained momentum, with supporters including  road safety experts, police chiefs, business associations, labor unions, health care providers, immigrant rights advocates, and others. On Tuesday, a broad coalition will appear at the State House to urge the Committee to endorse the bill and ensure that all drivers in Massachusetts are tested, licensed and insured. Earlier this summer, neighboring states Vermont and Connecticut passed similar bills, as have Oregon, Colorado, Maryland and Illinois over the past year.


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MIRA joins groups around nation calling for an end to concessions

June 25, 2013 BOSTON — In a successful bid to win broader  Republican support for the immigration reform bill, the Senate voted last night to adopt the Corker-Hoeven border-enforcement amendment, thereby agreeing to double allocations for border agents and raising spending by almost 70 percent. The 67 to 27 vote raised the probability that that the bill will not be filibustered, but the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) joined with immigrant rights organizations from across the country to decry the amendment's wasteful spending and dangerous threat to border residents' civil rights.

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