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Bi-Partisan blueprint from eight senators marks opening for passage of reform this year

January 28, 2013 BOSTON —Immigrant advocates and allies in Massachusetts today welcomed the release of a major legislative blueprint for immigration reform that would create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Published by the New York Times, the "Bipartisan Framework for Immigration Reform" was crafted by Democratic Senators Schumer, Durbin,  Menendez, and Bennet and Republican Senators Rubio, Graham, Lindsey and Flake.

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Largest Grassroots Immigrant Rights Organizations Announce "Keeping Families Together" Campaign in D. C. Today


December 13, 2012 WASHINGTON, D.C. —Nearly 100 families joined leaders of the largest grassroots immigrant rights organizations in launching the “Keeping Families Together” campaign today to call for comprehensive immigration reform.

These families will be the voice of Keeping Families Together,, a campaign that will advocate for immigration policies that reflect our nation’s values of fairness, justice and equality. They will lift the veil on the moral crisis of family separation and tell their story of our broken immigration process to illustrate why we need change now.


Fitchburg's Miguel Leal (left) meeting IL Rep Luis Gutierrez last night 


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Patrick Administration says newly documented students who meet certain criteria will be eligible for in-state tuition.


November 21, 2012 BOSTONAt 11:30 Monday morning over 300 immigrants, refugees, service-providers, and policymakers gathered to celebrate the contributions of new Americans at a Thanksgiving Luncheon held by the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy (MIRA) Coalition.

Congressman Michael Capuano was among several speakers who addressed the luncheon crowd, and emphasized how important it is to remember our common immigrant heritage. "Shame on you for forgetting your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents," he said, alluding to the anti-immigrant rhetoric that has shaped our national debate over immigration. But the Congressman spoke with optimism, and emphasized the real possibility for immigration reform in Washington.

MIRA Executive Director Eva Millona addresses the crowd

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Local and national advocates call for action on immigration reform


November 7, 2012 BOSTON — After polls closed last night, the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) teamed up with Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo to sponsor one of 18 rallies nationwide that celebrated the historic immigrant voter turnout and called on both parties to pass immigration reform. While immigrants rallied in front of the Obama headquarters in Chicago and the empty White House in Washington, some 150 immigrants and their allies in Boston bared low temperatures to rally before the Romney campaign headquarters at the Boston Convention Center.

 (left) Boston City Councilor-at-Large Felix G. Arroyo addresses the Keep Families Together rally

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Massive show of force for Keeping Families Together will be outlined tomorrow in 1 p.m. teleconference

Vigil-Election-night-Boston_revisedNovember 5, 2012 BOSTON — After the voting is done in the day, immigrants will raise their voices at night on November 6 at Keep Families Together, a National Election Night Rally. In Boston and cities across the nation, participants will celebrate the power of the New American voters, condemn the destruction of families through an historically high number of deportations, and demand that the next president initiate a sensible and humane overhaul of the nation's dysfunctional immigration system.

In the Bay State, Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo is sponsoring a rally endorsed by U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez and organized by the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA). The rally will be held from 8 to 10 p.m. in front of the Convention Center, at 415 Summer Street, where Mitt Romney and his campaign will be holding their election night gathering,

"No matter who wins the White House on November 6, we plan to stand up that night and remind both presidential candidates, their parties, and the nation that many immigrant families have been losing for too long," said Eva Millona, Executive Director of MIRA. "Hundreds of thousands of families have been torn apart, and local communities and  economies placed under tremendous strain. The next President must do better by hearing our voice from the moment he's chosen."

At the same time as the Boston rally, Congressman Gutierrez and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) will lead a rally in Chicago in front of the Obama headquarters, and others will gather in  in Washington, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Denver.

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