Writing an op-ed

Getting an op-ed published is a big deal. Op-eds are typically considered the second most influential items in a newspaper (after the official editorials). Each newspaper generally has its own policy for submission and publication. Be sure to examine the individual website before you get started.

A few general guidelines:

  1. 700 words is the most common length.
  2. Make your piece timely so you can "hook" the interest of both editors and the general public.
  3. Write well and double check for grammatical errors.
  4. Explore getting an influential person to co-sign with you.
  5. Submit with one or two weeks lead--Editors are very busy with huge volumes of submissions.
  6. Make follow-up call(s) to check if the editor has seen your piece and to pitch it a second or third time.

If you are published, be sure to send one or more thank you notes!

Remember, persistence pays! Also, be sure to share your success with MIRA; contact Marion Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Good Luck!