Become a MIRA member!

MIRA’s 130+ organizational members are the heart and soul of our coalition. This page focuses on organizational membership, which involves a close collaborative relationship and a range of benefits. Individuals can also forge a closer relationship with MIRA by becoming individual Members (donors of $25+ per month or $300+ per year) or Sustainers (monthly donors < $25). To become an individual Member or Sustainer, just donate on this page!

What does it mean to be a MIRA organizational member?

Since our founding in 1987, MIRA has been a member-driven coalition. Our organizational members keep us alert to challenges and developments on the ground; ensure that we consider diverse viewpoints, including underrepresented voices; guide our policy agenda; and help us mobilize immigrants, refugees and allies across the Commonwealth to effect change.

Starting in mid-2017, we took a close look at our relationship with our members  to make sure we’re meeting their needs, and to find ways to add value and deepen our partnerships. 

As a statewide coalition, MIRA promises to seek guidance from, and provide analysis and strategy to, all our members; work together to organize immigrants, refugees, advocates and allies to impact state and federal public policy; provide leadership development, organizing and capacity-building opportunities for our members; and be a tireless and inclusive advocate for immigrant and refugee rights.

Along with our weekly bulletins and online resources, MIRA organizational members benefit from:

  • Monthly members-only conference calls with federal and state policy updates from MIRA experts;
  • A private MIRA members Google group to share information, funding opportunities and other updates (if you are already a MIRA organizational member, sign up here!);
  • Trainings at reduced rates on immigration law, access to benefits and other topics;
  • Support with media outreach, messaging and promotional materials;
  • Enhanced access to public officials, experts and contacts across the state through MIRA-convened meetings and workshops;
  • Leadership development and trainings on organizing and communications;
  • Technical assistance on access and immigration issues; and
  • High-profile exposure through MIRA public events.

MIRA membership dues help us ensure we have the staff and resources to make all of this happen. Together, we reinforce the vital work that occurs within each immigrant community, and we create and sustain the partnerships that lead to social change.

Become a MIRA member or renew your membership today!

If you are already a MIRA organizational member (even if your membership has lapsed), you can renew by mailing a check to MIRA Coalition, Attn: Membership, 105 Chauncy St., Suite 901, Boston, MA 02111. You can also pay dues and update your information online.

Membership dues 2018
Based on your organization’s annual budget:

< $250,000: $100     $250,000–$500,000: $200    > $500,001–$1 million: $300
> $1 million–$5 million: $400    > $5 million: $500

You can also use the web form to become a MIRA member for the first time, but we encourage you to start by connecting with Liza Ryan, our Director of Organizing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 617-350-5499, x206.