Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Resources: Secure Communities

S-Comm Resources

The MIRA Coalition mobilized the community to speak out a forums last year that convinced Governor Patrick to not sign on to S-Comm. Unfortunately, this harmful program was federally mandated in May. Below you'll find community resources that answer questions about the program. We also strongly encourage those who feel they have been mistreated by the police to fill out the form below and return to us. 

S-Comm FAQ — English

S-Comm FAQ — español

S-Comm FAQ — português

Report your encounter with the police! Fill out the form below and contact us.
Police Incident Report Form — English

Reporta tu encuentro con la policia!  Baja este formulario, imprímelo, llena toda la información y contáctanos! 
Reporte sus Incidentes con la Policía
 —  español

Relatório de Incidentes com Polícia — português