Monday, February 08, 2016
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Issues: Humanitarian Relief

The broad category of Humanitarian Relief covers foreign-born Massachusetts residents whose homelands have undergone crisis, leading to special federal and/or international status designations. These statuses may cover individuals, groups or the displaced citizenry of entire nations, and they include categories such as  "refugees," "asylees" and those with "Temporary Protected Status."

Though relatively small compared to other immigrant groups, "Humanitarian Relief" communities still comprise an  important subset of the state's foreign-born population.  Between 2006 and 2010, over eight thousand internationally designated refugees were resettled in the Bay State. After the cataclysmic Port-au-Prince earthquake in January 2010, tens of thousands of Haitians residing in Massachusetts became eligible for Temporary Protected Status. Many other Bay State residents are seeking or have been granted the designation "asylee" after fleeing repressive regimes or ethnic strife.

MIRA recognizes that refugees and other humanitarian relief recipients have their own unique needs beyond those of other immigrants. We advocate for the rights and dignity of all these and all newcomers to Massachusetts at both the state and federal level.


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