Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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Part of full integration into American society means participation in one of the greates privilege of citizenship,  voting. The number of foreign-born Massachusetts residents eligible to vote from 2000 to 2006 increased by 28%, reaching almost half a million by 2007. Yet the disparity between those eligible to vote and those registered is greater for naturalized than native born citizens. According to the We Are America alliance, only 60.5 percent of naturalized citizens nationwide are registered, compared to almost 72 percent of native-born Americans. 

Thanks to the work of countless community groups across America, the gap is narrowing. As We Are America notes, "The increase in voter turnout in 2008 witnessed a 15.8 percent boost for native citizens and a 17.4 percent gain for naturalized voters."

In election season and out, MIRA is dedicated to registering New Americans and engaging them fully in the democratic process.

MIRA engages New Americans through:

Voter registration

MIRA has regularly attended  naturalization ceremonies, registering newly sworn-in U.S. citizens and ensuring their voices are heard in local, state and national elections. In 2009 and 2010, we appeared at 16 swearing in ceremonies, registering hundreds of New American Voters.

For upcoming dates and to volunteer to register voters, click here.

Voter Education

We intensively pushes a non-partisan effort to educate the community both on and off election season, making sure they are fully equipped to participate in the democratic process. From organizing phonebanks, to canvassing in low voting blocs, every year MIRA organizes a large Get Out the Vote campaign.

Voter Guides

Every major election we ask candidates questions suggested by our members and create voter guides based on their responses  We publish these questionaires online and distribute the information through earned media and MIRA publications.

Voter Educational Guide -Democratic Fourth Congressional District Candidates for US House of Representatives

Voter Educational Guide -Democratic Second Congressional District Candidates for US House of Representatives

Community forums

In partnership with Mass. VOTE and other allies, MIRA organizes and mobilizes members of the community to attend candidate forums.

If you are not yet registered to vote, we urge you to call us at 617-350-5480 to find out more information from our staff or visit the MA Election Division Web site.

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