Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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Integration Institute: Business Resource Center

Business Resource Center

The sections below offer links to state, local and national resources and information for both immigrant entrepreneurs and financial partners and lenders. The majority of the business development services provided by state and local government as well as nonprofit organizations are free of charge, and many target the needs of small and minority-owned businesses. Many community-based organizations, including ethnic minority organizations and community development corporations, also offer English language classes, skills training, career advising, and business development consulting. Ethnic and neighborhood business associations, regional chambers of commerce, and local government economic development bodies can also provide a source of local and regional business information, technical assistance, peer support, advocacy, and marketing opportunities.

Massachusetts Resources for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Starting a Business in Massachusetts: A Guide for New American Entrepreneurs

  • Developed by the MIRA Coalition, this guide provides a basic picture of what the New American entrepreneur will need to open a business in Massachusetts, and helps would-be business owners find the best tools, training and financing opportunities to start and keep a business going. The guide also provides an overview of the many resources available in Massachusetts for business owners who are just starting out to help them plan, create and finance a new venture. The guide can be useful as well for community-based organizations or other immigrant- or refugee-serving groups whose staff or membership need to access reliable, up-to-date information about starting or maintaining a business.

Business Development Information and Assistance (Statewide and Boston-based)

Information and Resources for Access to Capital

Banking and Financial Literacy Information

Local and Regional Resources (incl. Ethnic/Minority Business Associations)

Resources for Financial Partners and Lenders