Saturday, February 06, 2016
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Campaigns: Welcoming MA


Welcoming Massachusetts aims to change hearts and minds to a achieve a positive integration of immigrants and refugees into the social fabric of their recipient communities. Through education and cultural activities directed mainly to non-immigrant audiences, we want to build a sensible understanding of the immigrant community that will lead to acceptance and undermine the anti-immigrant sentiment that has been spread throughout the country by divisive parties.


In October of 2007, a number of Boston area community leaders formed broad-based committees in communities where immigrant integration and education was most needed. They were individuals and organizations from all walks of life -- community, civic, government, business, labor, and faith -- who gathered to support principles of human rights, human dignity, inclusion, and multiculturalism. Successful implementation of an intense campaign to gather pledges from each legislative district in the commonwealth will build new partnerships and lay the ground for a range of legislative victories. 

In 2010, Welcoming Massachusetts  started a new phase of the project within the MIRA Coalition and through its members, focusing on two communities outside of Boston that are economically depressed, and have large immigrant populations.


Welcoming Massachusetts successfully obtained 6,600 signatures on to its Welcoming Massachusetts pledge, over 80 endorsements from local organizations, and the endorsement of over 50 elected officials. The initiative is currently focusing on the communities of Fitchburg and Framingham.  For more information on this initiative or to get involved, please contact Cristina Aguilera at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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