Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Campaigns: New Americans Vote

The New Americans Vote Campaign aims to empower communities registering, educating, and turning out voters on a state-level electoral work as well as coalition work resulting in responsive and large Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operations.

How do we do this?

  • MIRA, its members, and allies convene Candidate Forums in under-represented and immigrant districts leading up to elections.
  • Conduct advocacy/voter engagement trainings for organizations in partnership with MassVote and the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network.
  • Generate pro-immigrant media pieces that highlight facts over political scapegoating.
  • Register hundreds of new voters at naturalization ceremonies in collaboration with local members and partners.
  • Work with key members, media, and partners to educate and turn out voters, via multicultural festivals, churches, mailings, literature drops, naturalization ceremonies, radio, press, and more.
  • Directly contact voters through phone banks and door knocking to encourage people to register and turn out to vote.

For the summer season of 2011, we registered over 1500 new voters from all across the state, engaged in leadership building with over 150 volunteers, and deepened relationships with members and allies. In 2012 we will continue the push for voter registration of new U.S. Citizens, through the New Americans Vote campaign. For more information contact our organizing staff at 617-350-5480.

A special thanks to John Bondlow for volunteering to photograph the summer's largest voter registration.

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