Friday, February 12, 2016
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Campaigns: New Americans Vote


The New Americans Vote Campaign aims to empower communities by registering, educating, and turning out naturalized-citizen voters and their allies.

Mid-Term Election, Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The MIRA Coalition supports the Yes On 4 Campaign. Guarantee workers earned sick time; vote YES on Ballot Question 4!









Voter Rights and Information:

Click below to see the ACLU's 2014 voter rights and information guides, with gubernatorial candidate bios and ballot question summaries:

           In English:                                        En español:

Know_Your_Voting_Rights_2014-1    Conozca_Sus_Derechos_de_Votar_2014

Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaires:

Questions from MIRA's 2014 Gubernatorial Candidates Forum, with written answers from Charlie Baker (Republcian), Martha Coakley (Democrat), Evan Falchuk (Independent) and Jeff McCormick (Independent).


Click the image below to see the 2014 Massachusetts Voter Table gubernatorial voter guide.


Lea los opiniones de los candidatos en español abajo


Ballot Question Guides:

Click the image below to see the questions and endorsement by organizations belonging to the MA Voter Table:


Examine las preguntas, y las recomendaciones de la Mesa de Votantes, de la boleta electoral en español:



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