Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Campaigns: New Americans Vote

The New Americans Vote Campaign aims to empower communities registering, educating, and turning out voters on a state-level electoral work as well as coalition work resulting in responsive and large Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operations.

How do we do this?

  • MIRA, its members, and allies convene Candidate Forums in under-represented and immigrant districts leading up to elections.
  • Conduct advocacy/voter engagement trainings for organizations in partnership with MassVote and the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network.
  • Generate pro-immigrant media pieces that highlight facts over political scapegoating.
  • Register hundreds of new voters at naturalization ceremonies in collaboration with local members and partners.
  • Work with key members, media, and partners to educate and turn out voters, via multicultural festivals, churches, mailings, literature drops, naturalization ceremonies, radio, press, and more.
  • Directly contact voters through phone banks and door knocking to encourage people to register and turn out to vote.


2014 Gubernatorial Primary Voters' Guide


  • Click below to see the Mass Voter Table Primary Guide


  • Click below to see a transcript of answers to questions at MIRA's Gubernatorial Forum
  • Para ver os seus direitos de voto, por favor clicar AQUI




A special thanks to John Bondlow for volunteering to photograph the summer's largest voter registration.

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