Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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Campaigns: Redistricting

Drawing Democracy Project:

hmlp_072007Fairly drawing the statewide district map is all the more important to MIRA members in light of the fact that MA will lose a Congressional seat -- immigration policies reside largely at the federal level. The way our state's map is drawn will determine which Congressional seat we lose, and we must ensure that map is drawn in such a way as to maximize the power of the immigrant community both at the state level and in Washington.

Redistricting is a process by which, following the National Census, states are constitutionally mandated to redraw lines of representation to ensure representative equality, electoral competitiveness, give minority groups a proper voice, balance racial and ethnic representation, and keep a transparent process within our communities.

MassCongressionalDistrictsMapThe redistricting process is done through a bicameral legislature body consisting of seven Senators and twenty four Representatives (see full list here). These members of the legislature will be drawing and ensuring federal voting rights laws are upheld to the best of the state's ability. Relying on the people to hold them accountable to the lines drawn for the Commonwealth; lines that will remain with us for a decade!


Communities need to be active and informed throughout this process. The hearnigs have concluded so far, but the committee is still welcoming your testimony. See the state's redistricting page and send a testimony to the committee.

The Drawing Democracy Project has publicized the Unity Maps:

The Members of the Drawing Democracy Project brought input from community members and from other allied partner organizations to draw two Unity Congressional Maps. These maps have been presented to the legislature as possible indeas as to how to redraw congressional lines with 9 congressional members.

State Wide CD Map 1
State Wide CD Map 2

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